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Many times I send emails to alliances offering for them to join WLPK.   If you have arrived here to consider it, here is how it works.   To merge, you need to actually have members leave your alliance and come join ours.  Click Read More to get instructions.

To leave your alliance:

  1. NOTE: Before leaving your alliance, you may want to purchase an advanced teleport from your Alliance Loyalty Store (see move to the alliance hive below)
  2. Click the Alliance Icon
  3. Go to Manage
  4. Click the 'Leave Alliance' button
  5. Click the Alliance button again
  6. Click the first box and type 'WLPK'
  7. Click the search icon (magnifying glass)
  8. Locate WLPK (The_Wolf_Pack) and click Join

NOTE:  If you are the chancellor, you'll need to assign someone else as chancellor in order to leave your alliance.  I recommend you assign it to an inactive player or someone you know is not leaving the alliance.

We do not have an approval process, so that will put you in the alliance.   If you have a Cowboy_xxxxx name, please change it.  To change your player name, you do the following:

  1. Go into your Town
  2. Click your force number (top, near your player icon.   It has 2 swords on it - just above the VIP box)
  3. In the profile box, click the feather near your player name
  4. Click the box near your name and then edit your name
  5. Click the Change button

To move to the alliance hive (once you have joined):

  1. Click the Alliance button.
  2. You'll see the coordinates (X: Y:) in blue.   Click that link and it will show you the location.
  3. Find a nice cozy place for your town
  4. Click on that spot
  5. Click Move (NOTE: You will need an advanced teleport to do this.   So be sure you have one.   You can get them with gold or with loyalty points)
  6. Click to use that advanced teleport and it will put you in our hive.

Congrats, you're now a member and in the hive.  Feel free to message Chasiv or sw33tkat with any questions or once you have joined for more info.